All-Star Game Show

All-Star Game Show

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Product Description

All-Star Game Show

For a fun way to relax, there’s nothing like the All Star Game Show. Perfect for team building or as after-meeting entertainment, the questions are sure to get that grey-matter moving.

Our All-Star Game Show package is made up of special theme banner, a podium for the participants and sound system. We provide all the questions and answers, plus a professional staff member to host the show. So let the game begin!

Product Specification

Suitable for adults aged at least sixteen

Can be played by between 10 and 100 people

Designed for indoor use but could also be used in an outdoor booth

Other Requirements:

  • 13 Amp/240 Volt power source
  • Playing space of 2 meters (w) x 2 meters (d) x 2 meters (h)