Dancing Head Rig

Product Description

Dancing Head Rig

For a unique evening of fun, laugh your head off with our amazing Dancing Head Rig. You’ll have everyone in stitches along with gales of laughter.  Great for an ice-breaker at parties or team- building events.

Dancing Head Rig is based on the latest “green screen” technology. While players sit in front of a green screen, a camera super-imposes their heads into a music video, making them look like part of a professional dance number.

No talent or practice needed!  Just turn on the Dancing Head Rig equipment and watch everyone have a great time. The audience will be falling off their seats laughing and players can also watch themselves in action. There’s a wide selection of video titles to choose from, including the latest popular songs.

Special bonus: all the players are given a copy of their musical performance on DVD. The party host receives a DVD with all the musical performances of the evening.

Product Specifications

Suitable for adults and children aged 6 and over

Maximum three players at a time

Dimensions:  3 meters (w) x 3 meters (d) x 2 meters (h)

Other Requirements:

  • 240 volt power source
  • Playing area of 3.6 meters (w), 1.5 meters (d) and 2 meters (h)