Flipbook Photo Booth

Product Description

Flipbook Photo Booth

Here’s a chance to tell the story of a brilliant event, plenty of silliness and then capturing it all in a brilliant Flipbook.

You’ll enter our special Photo Booth and dress up in silly props and accessories- if this doesn’t break the ice, nothing will! As the camera snaps away, make up a story if you’re feeling creative, or just mess about and have fun.

Our professional staff will then compile the quick-succession prints into a unique photo flipbook that you and your friends can take home and keep.

It only takes a minute and a half to produce each photo flipbook.  Album covers can also be customized with a company logo or personal names.

Perfect for weddings, parties and corporate events.

Product Specification

Suitable for adults and children aged six and over

Designed for indoor use

For three users at a time

Other Requirements

  • 13 Amp/240 Volt power source
  • Play area of 3 meters (w) x 3.5 meters (d) 2 meters (h)