Fun Photo Green Screen

Product Description

Fun Photo Green Screen

A great way to have a laugh and while capturing those memorable moments!  Fun Photo Green Screen uses innovative green-screen technology to make it look like you and your friends and colleagues are virtually anywhere.

The fully-computerized system allows guests to enter the booth, flip through a wide selection of backgrounds and view themselves on screen before making their choice. Little more than a minute after leaving the booth, a set of photo prints are all ready for collection.

We also include a box of stage accessories for dressing up and adding your own extra special effects. Plus, we have a wide range of booth façades available, and we can even personalize them for you.

Ideal for parties, wedding receptions and any other special event.

Product Specifications

Suitable for adults and children aged three and over

Designed for indoor use

For four users at a time

Other Requirements:

  • 13 Amp/240 volt power source
  • Play area of 3 meters (w) x 2 meters (d) 2 meters (h)