Human Table Football

Human Table Football

Product Description

Human Table Football

Imagine someone waved a magic wand over your favorite table football, so it becomes inflatable, life-sized and all the little players come alive.

Hire our human table football and you won’t have to imagine! You could become a player, attached to a tube so that you can only move right and left.

It’s a lot of fun, and really strategic: will your team be able to work together and score a goal?

A perfect team-building game for any event!

Product Specification

For indoor or marquee use only

Suitable for adults or children aged four and over

For up to twelve players

Dimensions: 6 meters x 10.5 meters (d) x 2.5meters

Other Requirements:

13 Amp/ 240 Volt power supply (or generator for extra cost)

Operating Area: 8 meters x 13.5 meters (d) x 3.5 meters (h)

Sandbag weights for use indoors or on a hard surface.