Inflatable Air Racer

Inflatable Air Racer Game

Product Description

Inflatable Air Racer Game

The Air Racer is a fabulous inflatable game that will bring hours of amusement to any event.

It involves floating balls on jets of air, and the principle’s simple enough:

2 players have to pass their balls along the row cones, keeping them floating on the jets of air. The first to move them all across wins!

You might find that there’s a strong temptation to cheat- this game’s not as easy as it looks!

Have this Air Juggler at corporate events, parties and exhibitions, and your guests will be fighting for a turn.


Product Specification

Suitable for adults and children aged six years old and over

For two users at a time (although up to 6 can be involved)

Dimensions:1.5 meters (l) x 4.5meters (w) x 1.5 meters (h).

Other Requirements:

13 Amp/240 Volt power supply or generator

Sandbag weights for use indoors or on hard surfaces