It’s a Knockout!

Product Description

It’s a Knockout!

The action TV show “It’s a Knockout” holds a special place in the heart of Brits everywhere. Our special ‘It’s a Knockout’ games suite includes all kinds of wacky challenges involving silly props, ridiculous costumes and messy foam and water (unless you opt for the dry version that is!). We’re talkingserious fun for both participants and spectators- and we have super-keen staff that can cater for groups of up to 150!

Product Specification

For between 30-150 participants, with larger groups being split down into 2 or 3 groups that compete in different heats

Suitable for adults of least sixteen years of age (although a separate Children’s Challenge can be arranged for children between eight and fifteen)

Duration: minimum two hours, depending on the team size

For one or two players, depending on whether a single or dual system is requested

For outdoor use only. Not suitable for play on hard surfaces.


Other Requirements:

13 Amp/ 240 Volt power supply

Operating Area: 30 meters x 60 meters (d) with flat ground and vehicle access