Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Product Description

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

Fancy shooting without using a real gun? Our top-of-the-range MK3 Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting uses deactivated 12-bore shotguns. When you shoot with them, there’s a realistic ‘Bang’ as a laser shoots out. If you hit the clays, you’ll hear a smashing sound and your score will automatically appear on the digital scoreboard.

This kind clay pigeon shooting has really taken off, and for good reason. It’s something that’s suitable for everyone, even for children. The guns don’t recoil, so they’re perfect for first-time shooters. Plus, there are a host of different game scenarios and scoring options available, so you can tailor everything to your group’s requirements.

Product Specification

Suitable for adults and children aged ten and over

For up to 5 users at a time

Other Requirements:

Operating Area: 30 meters (w) x 12 meters (d)

Grass or soft surface for clays to land, although shooters may stand on hard ground.