Laser Shot

Product Description

Laser Shot

Hire our Laser Shot, and you get all the thrill and challenge of shooting without any damage or danger!

You get to ‘shoot’ all kinds of things including ducks, clays or Wild-West style targets from a choice of 15 simulated shooting scenarios that are shown up on a giant projector screen.  A built-in sensor records the speed and accuracy of your shot, and puts your score up on the digital score board.

This is brilliant, all inclusive fun, suitable for all ages and abilities and for use either outdoors (with a blacked-out marquee) or indoors.

Product Specification

For indoor or marquee use; a marquee available on request free of charge

Suitable for adults and children aged six and over

For one player at a time

Dimensions: 3 meters (w) x 3 meters (d) x 2.5 meters (h)- for indoors, or 3 meters x 6 meters x 3.5 meters for outdoors.

Other Requirements:

13 Amp/ 240 Volt power supply

Operating Area: 3 meters (w) x 4 meters (d) x 2.5 meters (h)- for indoors, or 3 meters x 6.5 meters x 3.5 meters- for outdoors.

Sandbag weights for use outdoors or on a hard surface