Laser Tag Zone

Product Description

Laser Tag Zone

Get ready for an amazing game of laser tag with an exciting new twist! You’ll feel like you’re in a real-life video game as you target your opponents with special, hand-heldinfrared devices.

The game is played outdoors in a massive inflatable tunnel maze that winds around 92 square meters. Each player is given a color-coded infrared laser weapon. The object of the game is to target the other players without getting shot yourself.

With such features as built-in scoreboards, a smoke machine and sound effects, this thrilling laser adventure really gets the adrenaline pumping- and unlike paintball, it won’t leave mess or bruises!

Well-trained staff are on hand at all times to monitor the game sessions and ensure that safety procedures are in place.

Product Specifications

Suitable for adults and children aged 5 and over

Game can be set for solo or team competition (maximum 10 players at a time)

Other Requirements

  • A playing space of 11 meters (w) x 14 meters (d) x 2.13 meters (h)
  • For playing outdoors, a grassy area is needed for securing the anchor stakes
  • When used indoors, sandbag weights need to be deployed