Mega Scalextric

Product Description

Mega Scalextric

On your marks… get set…GO! Now this is something to take you down memory lane: the classic Scalextric, but with a fabulous twist: this is toy car racing on an awesome scale, with 6 giant cars racing around a gigantic, 6-lane figure-of-eight racing track.

And since the ‘80s, things have got a lot more high-tech. These free-standing tracks have bright halogen lights and special automatic Lap Counting and Timing systems, which allow you to choose from a range of different race formats, according to your requirements. We’ll provide someone to help you choose everything from the classic Structured Race Event to the more informal Drive-and-Play sessions.

With a sleek and smart finish, this Mega Scalextric is perfect for showrooms, parties, car launches and conferences.

Product Specification:

Suitable for indoor or marquee use only

Suitable for adults and children 10 and over

For 6 players

Dimensions: 4 meters (w) x 2 meters (d) x 0.5 meters (h)

Other Requirements:

  • 13 Amp/ 240 Volt power supply
  • Operating area: 7 meters (w) x 4 meters (d) x 2 meters (h)