Photo-Video Booths

Product Description

Photo-Video Booths

Photo-Video Booths are a genius idea and the perfect way to record those happy moments at weddings or special events. Pop in with your friends, and the Booth will take four lovely snaps or record a short video. If you’re in a silly mood, we’ll bring along our Accessory Box so that you can dress up a bit.

Our Photo-Video Booths use a fully-automated system that works at the press of a button. Prints are ready in just seconds, and all the photo images and videos can also be stored on a DVD as a keepsake for the host.

We’ve also got different booth facade available in a wide range of colours and themes; we can even personalise them with company emblems or a special message from the event host.

Product Specification

Suitable for adults and children aged 3 and over

Designed for indoor use, although outdoor booths are also available on request.

Other Requirements:

  • 13 Amp/ 240 Volt power source
  • Play area of 3 meters (w) x 2 meters (d) 2 meters (h)