Go Pro Reaction Game

Reaction Game

Product Description

“Go Pro!” Reaction Game

Test your reactions and your athletic stamina in this world-famous, competitive game.  Press the buttons as the bulbs light up and see whether you can beat your own best time- or someone else’s.  With the right combination of coordination, stamina and speed, you can come out a “pro!”

The “Go Pro!” Reaction Game is based on a test program that offered simulated conditions to test the stamina of top sports professionals and enthusiasts. It uses an aluminum framework with twelve strategically-placed and numbered LED lights, which the player has to press as fast as possible when they light up. Points are won according to the number of lights pressed on time.

A central display keeps track of scores, and players are given instructions throughout the game via an especially-designed computer.

The game requires jumps, stretches and super-quick reactions. It’s a lot of fun, and will really bring out your competitive spirit! Lots of fun for those who like to test their coordination and reaction time. It is ideal for sports events and social occasions.

Product Specification

Suitable for adults and children aged 6 and over

For two users at a time

For indoor use or outdoor with a booth or tent

Dimensions: 2 meters (w) x 2 meters (d) x 2 meters (h)

Other Requirements

  • 13 Amp/240 Volt power source
  • Playing area of 3 meters (w) x 3.5 meters (d) x 2 meters