Sedgway Obstacle Challenge

Product Description

Sedgway Obstacle Challenge

Segways have quickly gained an iconic status. If you’ve ever seen these trendy, clever personal scooters, you’ll no doubt be itching to have a go at balancing and maneuvering them. Here’s your chance! We’ll send you our latest off-road Segway X2s and set up an obstacle course that’s perfectly suited to your group’s preferences and requirements.

We provide all the safety equipment,  barriers and even a pop up marquee- plus our experienced staff to help you get the hang of things!

Product Specifications

Suitable for adults and children aged ten and over

No on-site power required except for events of over 5-6 hours which require units to be recharged.

Designed for outdoor use

One user per unit

Other Requirements:

Minimum play area of 18 meters (w) x 37 meters (d)