Product Description


Strike-a-Light a perfect hi-tech, hi-energy game that will illuminate any occasion!

Choose your game: in ‘Heads Up’, you can challenge an opponent to see who can put out the most lights in a minute, or in ‘Pass a Light’, you have to pass your 5 lights to the other side of the board before your opponent manages to pass his to your side!

This is hugely entertaining, both to watch and to play, and it’s great fun for everyone, irrespective of age and skill.

Product Specification:

Suitable for adults and children aged six and over

For 2 players

Dimensions: 1.5 metres (w) x 1 metre (d) x 1 metre (h)

Other Requirement:

Operating area: 2.5 metres (w) x 1.5 metres (d) x 2 metres (h)