Sweepstakes Jockey Race

Sweepstakes Jockey Race

Product Description

Sweepstakes Jockey Race

This game of skill requires quick reactions and careful coordination. As your virtual jockey mounts its horse, it’s up to you to make it go fast enough to win! Spectators cheer their favourite on towards the finish line, whilst special effects such as animated commentary and flashing lights on the winner’s track make the experience real and dramatic.

Sweepstakes Jockey Race uses the latest technology in a tried-and-tested format to evoke all the thrill and excitement of real, race night entertainment.

Product Specifications

Suitable for adults and children aged six and over

Designed for indoor use

For four users at a time

Other Requirements

  • 13 Amp/ 240 Volt power source
  • Play area of 3 meters (w) x 3.5 meters (d) 2 meters (h)