Virtual Archery

Virtual Archery

Product Description

Virtual Archery

Playing it with laser simulator bows is fabulous fun. ‘Shooting’ lasers at a giant projector screen, you can set up all kinds of exciting game scenarios- you could even be in a forest hunting wild animals!  And the clever technology means you can determine the exact level of difficulty and gauge exactly how good you are, plus how your score compares with others’.

This fabulous Virtual Archery can be set up anywhere, indoors or outdoors, so your game won’t be stopped by bad weather. For old and young, children and adults, teams or individuals, it’s a great way to involve everyone.

Product Specification

For one adult at a time

Suitable for adults and children aged twelve and over

Available as either an indoor or an outdoor system; blacked-out marquee included as standard.

Dimensions: 3 meters (w) x 3 meters (d) x 2.5 meters (h) for indoors; or  3 meters (w) x 6 meters x 3.5 (h) for indoors

Other Requirements:

13 Amp/ 240 Volt power supply

Operating Area: 3 meters x 4 meters (d) x 2.5 meters

Sandbags for use outdoors or on hard ground.